The Buurtzorg Difference – What It Means For You

Based on the implicit social value of community nursing, a team of highly skilled nurses who live and work in your community provide affordable quality care centered on your personal situation, environment, needs and wishes.

Central to your care experience is the relationship you and your family develop with the Buurtzorg nurse and your community team. A Buurtzorg nurse can act as a coach, working with you to help guide you through the health care system, collaborating closely with your doctor and other health care professionals, and providing key assessments and counsel as your health care needs change.

And, a Buurtzorg nurse integrates your medical and community care needs by helping you with:

  • a daily wash or shower
  • dressing or undressing
  • light housekeeping
  • arrangements for additional community services
  • setting up medications and assisting you in taking them
  • insulin injections
  • wound treatment
  • additional care prescribed by your doctor
  • other procedures for which nurses are fully licensed and qualified

Buurtzorg Neighborhood Nurses work in neighborhood teams consisting of 4 to 12 nurses who create their own network in the community with support from physicians, community programs and volunteers, and are administratively supported by a small “back office” team. This allows the Buurtzorg nurse to lead, providing the kind of quality care you need (no more and no less), where you most want it — in your own home, supported by your own community.