Professional and Personal Care at Home

Buurtzorg is Dutch for “Neighborhood Care” and is a highly successful award-winning model of quality home care originating in the Netherlands. First established in 2006, external research has shown outcomes have been consistently better than every other home care organization. A 2012 KPMG case study entitled, Netherlands: Buurtzorg Empowered Nurses Focus on Patient Value found “…by changing the model of care, Buurtzorg has accomplished a 50 percent reduction in hours of care, improved quality of care and raised work satisfaction for their employees.”

In 2009, Nivel (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research) found Buurtzorg had the highest satisfaction rates among patients anywhere in the country. In 2010, Ernst & Young found the average costs were overall 40% less than other home care organizations, and in 2011 and 2012, Buurtzorg received the Netherlands’ national Employer of the Year Award.

Now, the Buurtzorg model of quality home care is here in the United States.